Benefits and Tools

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The browser-based Webtrader offers online trading access. Webtrader requires no download or installation, and is accessible behind most firewalls.

Access to global markets and one-click trading. Webtrader gives the serious online investor increased accessibility to prices, as well as the ability to trade on their own terms by easily closing and opening positions or initiating stop orders to protect investments and minimize uncertainty.

Online trading has never been more flexible than with Webtrader. The platform allows individuals to trade multiple asset classes, personalise the interface and choose from an array of charts and prices designed to continually strengthen market positions. By providing extreme mobility and around the clock access to trading accounts, clients have never been better equipped to trade on global financial markets.

The powerful charting system allows traders to analyze and compare historical prices for multiple instruments. The Chart module is used to track the price movements of a selected instrument. It contains a variety of charting types to suit the preferences and needs of different trades, and analysis tools to track and predict price movements.

Clients can benefit from the functionality and features of a professional charting subscription, delivered as standard, and enjoy unprecedented facilities for analyzing historical price data for an instrument. Chart styles include: Bar, HLC Bar, OHLC, Bid/Ask, Candlestick, Dot, Forest, Line, Line-dot, Staircase and Comparative.

The Chart module contains zooming and scaling features to allow traders to re-size charts to highlight specific areas of information.The charting system also contains a number of tools to help you to analyze patterns and trends including:

  • multiple lines and annotations such as trend line, horizontal line, Fibonacci and pitchfork
  • a variety of charting studies

Webtrader clients can see related orders, including Limit (profit target), Stop and Trailing Stop, from their trading accounts on the relevant charts. The open orders can be Related Stop/Loss and limit Profit Targets and can be changed and modified directly from the chart.

Various technical studies are available from the Charts module, including Bollinger Bands, Moving Averages, Pivot Lines, Slow Stochastic and MACD. Some studies are equipped with dialogue boxes where the study's parameters and appearance of analysis can be specified.

Traders can display multiple instruments on the same axis for easy comparison, as well as dragging and setting the reference point to compare specific points in time. This study allows the examination of the correlation between different financial instruments. When in comparative mode, the price axis displays the percentage correlation between the instruments price values.

The use of orders means that downside losses can be minimized and profits can be locked in if markets move the wrong way.

Regular stop orders are designed to help protect investments against adverse market moves. Stop orders can be placed along with positions on all instruments for disciplined trading and to limit the risk of excessive loss. Stop losses allow for life's eventualities-even the good ones, such as vacations and days off! If one does not have access to a computer or the internet or simply does not want to keep a vigilant eye on the markets all day, stop losses allow an extra level of comfort in knowing that at least the downside of one's trades are somewhat protected.

Trailing Stops are the lesser-known, lesser-used option. They allow investors to set an order, so that if the current price should fall by a specified percentage, the position will automatically be sold. If the current price should rise however, the percentage level is then calculated from the new highest level. Trailing Stops can therefore prove to be an excellent tool for minimizing loss or potentially locking in profits should the markets move against investment positions.

PLEASE NOTE: Stop orders and trailing stops are not GUARANTEED and can be missed depending on market movements.